Here Are a Few Fun Ways You Can Wear Your Neck Gaiter

Here Are a Few Fun Ways You Can Wear Your Neck Gaiter

How do you wear your neck gaiter? These multi-use garments can be worn in numerous ways. And it's always fun to experiment with new styles! Here are a few of our favorite ways to wear these functional fabrics.

Face Mask

The COVID-19 pandemic has made personal protection equipment (PPE) a necessity for everyone. Fortunately, our neck gaiters are infused with copper and silver. This means they have antimicrobial and antiviral properties that normal cloth masks don't.

To use your neck gaiter as a face mask, simply pull it over your head so that the top rests just below your eyes. The bottom should extend down enough to cover your neck and throat. Besides protecting you from germs, our neck gaiters also help keep dust, wind chill, and bugs at bay. So they're perfect for various activities like skiing, snowboarding, fishing, and biking.


Transform your gaiter into a scarf or neckerchief by pulling it down over your head so that it falls loosely around your neck. If you're prone to feeling chills on this body part, pull your gaiter up towards your chin so it acts as a neck warmer.

On the flip side, gaiters are also great for stopping the sun's rays from scorching your neck.scorching rays from cooking your neck. Nobody likes sunburns! That's why each of our neck gaiters offers UPF 50 sun protection.

Hair Wrap or Hairband

Are you going for a fun, boho-inspired look? Start pulling your neck gaiter onto your head so it covers your hair. You can then pull open the back of your gaiter's tube so it drapes loosely over your locks.

This technique actually serves as the starting point for many different styles, so don't be afraid to experiment and see what works for you. It also helps keep your hair out of your face. Who knew neck gaiters would be awesome for avoiding bad hair days or asymmetrical quarantine haircuts?


If you're looking to don a beanie, neck gaiters have got you covered! Start by turning your gaiter inside out. Then pull it over your head like a hat. The reverse side of the fabric should be facing out. Twist the center of the tube a few times to keep it in place. Lastly, pull the open top-end of your gaiter over your head to cover any inside-out sections that are showing.

Are you feeling inspired to try out some of these neck gaiter styles? Stop by our shop to find the perfect fabric for your fashion style!