IONx2: The Smartest Antimicrobial Treatment Available

IONx2: The Smartest Antimicrobial Treatment Available

At Gaiter King, we're always striving to improve. Whether it's our new X-Series face mask that comes with an adjustable nose bridge and earloops or our new Summit face mask which comes with a filter pocket, we never stop trying to make our products better.

But do you want to know one thing we never change? How we make our neck gaiters and face masks antimicrobial treated. Want to know why? Because we already use the best solution in the industry: IONx2 technology.

Not All Antimicrobial Solutions Are Equal

Many people think that all antimicrobial treatments are the same. But that couldn't be further from the truth! The IONx2 technology that we apply to all of our products is a copper and silver antimicrobial solution that was developed for the medical industry. It gives you cutting-edge protection from various types of viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi.

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Besides being top of the line, IONx2 technology also contains a controlled release mechanism for lasting performance. Essentially, it releases the optimal amount of copper and silver needed to resist the growth of any bacteria it comes into contact with. Alternative antimicrobial technologies can't control how much copper and silver is released, which means their efficacy quickly wears down over time. But thanks to its unique controlled release, IONx2 technology offers unmatched durability.

IONx2 Technology Is Built to Last

While we're on the topic of durability, did you know that IONx2 technology is the industry's only controlled antimicrobial release solution that is rated to withstand at least 100 industrial washes? Talk about tough!

We know what you're thinking: "That's amazing... and hard to believe." Well, we don't blame you. But we do invite you to see for yourself. Check out our masks today!